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Brighton State Police Department in 4337 Buno Road

Brighton State Police Department in 4337 Buno Road, Michigan: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.



4337 Buno Road,
Brighton, Michigan
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+1 810-227-1051

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Customer Reviews about Brighton State Police Department:

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    Beware of state police in Brighton post!....conduct very unbecoming...bullies with badges! Several yrs ago, my handicapped father was attacked in his home...he immediately called me,, I happened to be working downriver at the time...i called 911, and reached Grosse ill state dispatch...she immediately contacted Brighton state post to dispatch units to scene in you can imagine, I was driving completely enraged to my father's home...the same dispatcher from Grosse ill,, called me ,, to ask me to use caution,, that she understand that I was tryin to get to my father.. she assured me that Brighton state police was on scene and handling situation...however,, when I arrived to my fathers home,, I discovered that no report of incident was fathers home was a wreck,, my father was having trouble breathing, due to the assult... enraged,,, I immediately walked across street to the house of the person who assaulted my father....the police had been called by the homeowner,, and the very same officers, who responded to assault of my father,, responded to the scene.... When I questioned why there was no report taken,, police reply was they were not here for the call for my father...they were there for me, for going to assailants home.....i was threat6 to be taken to jail...the officer then stuck his finger in my father's face...screaming at him that he told him to instruct me to stay where I was! My father, already assaulted a half hour earlier, immediately collapsed,, in now I'm defending my father's life,, against a state police officer,,, because his son came to his aid! Naturally enraged,, I told the officer he would have to kill me to get to my father...his response was...that won't be a father died two days later of a heart attack...i hold the Brighton state police responsable...the Grosse ill dispatcher stood by my side,, with recordings of actual 911 call, as well of call made to myself personally...i was arrested for obstruction, and detained, obviously, to cover up the state police....i have nothing but respect for our police having a hard time accepting this particular incident....brighton state police...bullies. conduct my eyes...responsible for my father's death.... no doubt, I will suffer repercussions for posting this event...i will be harressed,, brought up with trumped up life will be mersible from now on...complements of the state police...simply because I came to the aid of my father after he was attacked in his home! The police are here to protect the citizens of this country...not to push victims around because they have a badge and father served his country,, so others and himself could live free in this country...brighton state police officer took that pride from him....simply because he called for help!!! I miss you pop...every day...the police officer who I'm speaking know who you are...hope your father is ashamed of you! I will never forget your face sir....i bet your proud....
    By Greg Abercrombie, September 26, 2017
  • Many thanks to Brighton MI State Police for protecting me and the tow truck driver who helped me on 4/6/17 along old US 23. Due to operator error (my own) I was stuck in mud along-side the road and had to call for roadside help. A state trooper appeared even before the towing co. and stayed until I was pulled clear. It must have been tedious for the trooper to sit and watch. I didn’t realize how important this was till the tow truck driver expressed his relief and appreciation. Too often accidents are compounded by drivers plowing into them or good Samaritans trying to help. So, thank you for being there. It probably doesn’t show up in any productivity statistic, but it should.
    By Sue Giannotta, May 11, 2017
  • I'm sure you hear allot of complaints, but this one is a compliment. Keep up the good work, God bless, and keep us and especially you safe.
    By Marc Rickel, March 18, 2017
  • My dad was reported as a over due driver while driving back from florida. the trooper who was assigned to the case coordinated with my fathers cell phone carrier as well as the other law enforcement agency where he was located. We received the news my dad had passed away which was untimely, but the state troopers office were professional and had us answers within a few hours. Can't say enough great things about them. Stay safe Semper Fi
    By AB Yz, January 27, 2017
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